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About Rackonnect

About Rackonnect

Rackonnect is a sports-tech platform focused on providing comprehensive solutions and services for racket sports within India. It is not only dedicated to being a pocket-friendly premium service provider for racket sports but has also taken up the challenge to promote racket sports in the country to an extensive level. It does so by establishing a sports ecosystem for players, coaches, referees, and tournaments. All of this happens through a comprehensive player database, an advanced software solution for managing tournaments, state-of-the-art venues and facilities, and of course, a vibrant community.

We are focused on 3 basic principles: CONNECT, COMPETE, CONQUER. Rackonnect helps you to be a part of a unique ecosystem where you can showcase your talent as well as improve it to up your game. Our platform allows players to connect with other players and coaches, set up games and training sessions, and also track their performance. It also keeps you notified regarding all the updates in racket sports worlds including upcoming tournaments in which you can take part.

Rackonnect is particularly focused on providing these services at the grassroots level at effective, pocket-friendly prices so that any kind of social or economic barriers do not halt the development of athletes in India. Our extensive outreach program has allowed us to organise 80+ tournaments and various workshops with NGOs, educational institutions, and societies.

One of the standout features of Rackonnect is the advent of tournament solution. Rackonnect helps you easily manage tournaments from effectively handling player registrations to creating fixtures to managing scoresheets. It ensures transparency and removes any biases, making tournaments efficient and competitive.

Apart from creating a resonant ecosystem, we have done well in being the provider of state-of-the-art venues and racket sports equipments . Rackonnect now hosts the two biggest venues for badminton in the Delhi-NCR region. These venues are built according to international standards and are equipped with brilliant infrastructure and facilities, which will provide you with an outstanding sports experience.

Sukoi Shuttle
We are delighted to announce that we are exclusive distributor of Sukoi shuttles in North India. Sukoi is a reputed shuttle brand that is being used extensively in India in the professional stage.Sukoi shuttlecocks, made of Natural duck and goose feather, are durable and are best in class for speed and consistency. It comes in 3 variants: S2, S20 and G2.



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