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What is Rackonnect?

Rackonnect is a social networking application for connecting with potential racket sport players around you. Our key features help you connect with fellow racket sport players looking for a buddy! You can also compete for the leaderboard and conquer the charts by participating in and, or organizing tournaments through Rackonnect.

Is the registration free?

Yes, registration at Rackonnect is absolutely free of cost. You can either login via Facebook/Google OR login via your phone number.

Choose your sport

Update Profile > Choose Sport. You can choose single or multiple racket sports you wish to play. You can select more sports or even deselect a sports after your profile is created by going on ‘Edit Game’.

Choose your level

You cannot choose your level, level is determined by your performance in that particular game + points you get when you join + points you get while referring.

Amateur- 0 to 500

Semi pro- 500 to 1500

Pro- 1500 to 3000

Expert – 3000 plus



Homepage > select filter icon > Filter Page. Our precise filters make it easy for you to find the right partner. You can change your filtered choices in accordance to your preferences.


If you wish to play with any player, you will have to send them a connection request. If they accept it then you are connected and can play with them.

Create Match

Homepage > Chat Now > Create Match. This will help you fix a match with suitable racket sport players around you by filling basic details such as match name, location, and time. You can also click on ‘+’> Create Match and then select the player you want to play with. (you can only play with your connections)


Two way validation

Match End > Start Scoring > Select Game Type > Put Match Score (Not Game Score) > Save Score. Once fed, the score goes to the other person (singles) or the other persons (doubles). The scores will then get updated once it is accepted by the second person.

1 hour acceptance

Once the score has been sent by the host, the other player has to validate it within 1 hr or else the scores will not get updated and both the players’ match wouldn’t get counted in the system. 

Invalid score

If the host has entered the wrong score after the match, you can choose to decline the same and report the player.


Once the scores are updated, the win % is calculated and fed in the leaderboard. Leaderboard works on the basis of games played and won. You can also use filters according to your preferences to better evaluate your performance amongst those of your preference.