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What is Rackonnect?

Rackonnect is a hyperlocal sports-tech platform aiming to bring a powerful impact on India's racket sports fraternity. Rackonnect wishes to make racket sports accessible to everyone regardless of their age, gender, and economic background

What is a tournament solution?

Rackonnet has come up with an all-encompassing tournament solution feature, which practically serves all the needs of an organizer starting from handling player registrations to making fixtures to maintaining the score sheet.

The number of sports covered by tournament solution?

Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, and Squash are covered by the Tournament Solution.

Who can use the tournament solution?

Anyone who organizes tournaments can use the tournament solution.

What are the main features of the tournament solution?

Main features of the tournament solution are:

i. Create a tournament at a click,

ii. Add players and invite them for your tournament,

iii. Create unbiased draws,

iv. Hassle free scheduling of tournaments,

v. Paperless scoring of matches,

vi. Organizers can stay connected with the players by sending them notifications at any time,

vii. Option to update match summary,

viii. The players can track their performances through the Rackonnect App.

How to create a tournament?

Start by clicking the Create Tournament button (also known as tournament properties) and fill in the basic information regarding the tournament. Add your tournament venue, the events you want in your tournament, the prizes and awards that you are giving to players, draw settings, scoring system and official. Then click on submit. Your dream tournament is ready. 

How to add an event in a tournament?

You can add an event to your tournament in two ways: Just select a prefilled event or make a custom event.

How to add players to an event?

You can either import players or add them manually through our add player button. All player’s information can be seen on the  players list.

How to create a draw of an event/tournament?

Creating a draw is considered to be one of the most hectic paperwork. But your tournament worries are now ours. You can either create a draw manually or automatically. You can give seeding and the software also ensures that the same academy players dont clash in the initial rounds. Click on next and your draw is now ready. You can delete, redraw or clear the draw at any moment.

How to schedule a match/round?

After making the draws, click on schedule round or schedule match and all the matches will be scheduled according to information you filled in the tournament properties.

How to do scoring on tournament solution?

Go to the matches, click on the add score button. Feed in the score of the match and click on submit. You can also print the scoresheet of particular matches.

If I add a new event in my tournament, how can I add the existing player in the event?

You can simply use the copy player option to add the existing player to your new event. Click on the copy player button, select the new event and then select all the existing players you want to add in this event.

In the doubles event, do we need to write both the players name while putting in the entry?

No, you don't have to put the name of both the players in the start. You can just put the name of one player and add the partner's name before making the draws. 

Where are the Rackonnect venues located?

Rackonnect has two venues:

1. Rackonnect-PSM Badminton Arena, Noida Indoor Stadium, Sector 21-A.

2. Rackonnect Pinnacle Badminton Arena, Gurugram.

What all services do you have at Rackonnect Venue?

Badminton Academy in collaboration with Prakash Padukone Management, pay and play facility and event booking.


What amenities do you have at the venue?

Free Parking, Shower facility, Drinking Water, Healthy Cafe, Synthetic Courts, Sparring player available, clean changing rooms and shoes available on rent.


How many courts do you have at the Rackonnect Venue?

At the Noida Venue we have 10 courts (6 Synthetic and 4 wooden).

At the Gurugram venue we have 8 courts (6 Synthetic and 2 wooden).

What is the cost for booking the venue?

The cost to book the venue is 400+GST per court per hour.


What are the academy charges?

The academy charges are as follows:

Coaching charges for 3 Days:

Beginners: 2500+GST, Intermediate: 4000+GST, Advance: 5000+GST, Adults: 3500+GST

Coaching charges for 5 Days:

Beginners: 4000+GST, Intermediate: 6500+GST, Advance: 8500+GST, Adults: 5000+GST