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Have you ever attempted to organise a Badminton tournament and realised you just are not cut out for it? Or have you ever wanted to gather a group of your friends and conduct a friendly tournament amongst yourselves but just found that you were completely lost?

Luckily these doubts are no more! Rackonnect has these amazing features built-in its software that allows anyone to conduct and host tournaments that will keep people talking non-stop.

You no longer have to worry about taking entries from 4-5 different places, worrying about all the entries you got from Whatsapp or FaceBook or even via call.

All entries are taken by using the Rackonnect app or website making entry collection a breeze.

Rackonnect also takes away the tedious task of making draws and schedules. We at Rackonnect play extremely fair and make draws that are never biased or in favour of a particular person.

We also make a very easy and simple schedule to follow so that on the day of the event things can work smoothly.

We are also giving our bit for the environment by saving paper. Gone are the days where the registration desk and umpires use papers for reporting sheet and scoring sheet. Through rackonnect tournament solution the organizer can give access to registration desk officials and umpires.

The registration desk officials will have all names according to the matches, rounds and opponent names. They can then mark the players present and click on ‘match in progress button.’ If one player doesn’t come, then the official clicks on ‘walkover’ button and the player who is present automatically advances to the next round.

Once the match is in progress, the designated umpire can do scoring and the live scores can be seen by anyone (depends on network connectivity). This feature can also work offline and the scores will get updated when online.

Seems interesting, right? We are coming soon with this feature to make your tournament experience unforgettable.


Stay rackonnected #ComingSoon