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Rackonnect is the ultimate solution for all racket sports enthusiasts wherein you are updated about upcoming tournaments near you and stand a chance to win big.

Rackonnect aims to offer the smoothest tournament experience for players. Choosing and taking part in tournaments near you had never been easier.

It is our goal at Rackonnect to make sure all players are motivated to take part in upcoming tournaments of their choice on a regular basis as we believe a bit of competition is definitely healthy.

Taking part in tournaments can enhance one's life in many ways. Not only do you get to display your talents, but you also get to learn so much more about yourself. You get to learn what you’re good at and what you have to work on, what your strong points are and where your weaknesses lie. It will be a great way for you to grow as a player.

By taking part in Rackonnect upcoming tournaments you’ll be sure to get the full experience and you will go home satisfied whether you’re the winner or not.

If you love racket sports and are passionate about it, then you should consider taking part in our upcoming tournaments that will be accessible to you via the Rackonnect app.

Taking part in these racket sports tournaments are sure to increase your skills. It will help you become a more experienced player and you will be able to learn a lot about your games which include your strengths and weaknesses. Hence you will be better prepared for the next tournament.

Rackonnect’s awesome tournament feature ensures that everyone has a quality experience playing tournaments. The tournaments are very well organised and take place smoothly. Since everything is on the Rackonnect app, it is very systematic and organised.

We believe in ‘Give your best, and do not worry about the rest.’ Our draw creator is very fair and not partial to any one player. It works on a system where players ranked higher will get seeding preference to ensure fair play.

Rackonnect urges players to go on and take part in the upcoming tournaments and tries to bring out the competitive nature that lies within each player with a fair balance of professionalism and rightfulness. Taking part in Rackonnect’s upcoming Badminton, upcoming Tennis, upcoming Squash or upcoming Table Tennis tournaments can help give you an identity as a player that you always wished you had. It will give you a sense of achievement and pride that you have always deserved.

Do not let the sportsperson in you die because of the disappointment of a loss. To ensure this we have a special system for those who are defeated in the first round. The players who are eliminated in the Main draw are eligible to play a mini-tournament so as to not feel dejected due to a loss.