Suhas Yathiraj Achieves Historic Milestone as World’s Top-Ranked Para Shuttler

Suhas Yathiraj Become World Number 1 Para Badminton Player

Suhas Yathiraj, an Indian para badminton player, achieved a significant milestone on Tuesday by becoming the world number one player in the latest BWF Para Badminton World Rankings. He surpassed French legend Lucas Mazur to claim the top spot with 60,527 points, edging out Mazur’s 58,953 points.

Suhas, a 40-year-old Arjuna awardee, had previously won a silver medal in the SL-4 category at the Tokyo Paralympics, where he competed in a closely contested final against Mazur. This achievement marks Suhas’s first time at the top of the rankings, replacing Mazur from his long-standing position.

After sharing his accomplishment on social media, Suhas thanked everyone and said, “World Number 1 at finally. I’m happy to report that I ranked first in the world in the men’s singles category in the most recent Badminton World Federation Para Badminton rankings, which were released today. For the first time in his life, taking the place of France’s Lucas Mazur, the long-standing world champion. Many thanks for your well wishes and blessings.”

Suhas not only excelled in the Paralympics but also won the World Championship earlier this year after defeating Indonesia’s Fredy Setiawan. In para badminton, players with low mobility impairments on one side of the body, in both legs, or with mild limb absence are classified as SL-4 players. These athletes display amazing court movement and a wide variety of shots while playing standing on a full-width court.

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