Tennis is considered by many as one of the best sports for fitness purpose. Tennis not only has physical, psychological, and social benefits, but is also a safe and accessible sport.

Here are some reasons why you should try playing tennis –

1. Provides a balanced workout – The three main components of physical fitness are strength, flexibility, and stamina. Every sport covers some of these components. For instance, running is great for building muscular and cardiovascular fitness but not much for flexibility. While yoga is fantastic for flexibility, it doesn’t do much for aerobic fitness. Tennis delivers all three.

2. Quick reactions – Running across the court in short spurts improves anaerobic and aerobic fitness, which benefits the heart, lungs, and circulation. Swinging the racquet increases range of motion and strength.

3. Improved balance and coordination – Tennis requires balance and coordination, which helps to develop and strengthen the muscles that support joints and increase energy.

4. Flexibility and mobility – The bending, stretching, and direction changes improve agility and engage every muscle in the body.

5. Enhances mental health – studies show that playing tennis enhances memory and academic performance. Although practicing tennis is unlikely to increase your IQ, it might give you the mental edge you need to handle daily chaos better.

6. Helps in the long run – As you age, your ability to react quickly and accurately can deteriorate, but playing tennis can help you avoid this. In a research of tennis players and sedentary people of various ages, it was discovered that active older men have faster reaction and movement times than sedentary men of the same age.

Emotionally benefitting

Anxiety , Depression and Stress

Tennis players scored lower than other athletes and non-athletes in depression, confusion, anger, anxiety, and tension while rating higher in vigor, optimism, and self-esteem. Tennis has been shown to have a wide range of emotional advantages, including emotional stability, increased self-assurance, and assertiveness. Tennis is a preferred sport for releasing tension, whether it be because striking a ball releases tension, or because it requires the use of both the body and the mind, or because it pushes the player into a social setting. Tennis competitions can help players develop their ability to handle pressure and difficult situations.

Improves focus and self-control
Tennis is a great sport because it makes you think about who you are and what you can and cannot control. This is a crucial life skill because it is simple to become engrossed in issues that are not within our control.
When it comes to playing tennis, there is little point worrying about factors that are out of your control even if you may need to adjust to a different opponent each time you play.
You can relieve some of the pressure on yourself, concentrate on what you can actually control, and adjust your expectations by appreciating your opponent’s good shot rather than blaming yourself for not striking the ball well enough.

Develops social skills

Improve Social Skills

Tennis is inherently a social sport. There is at least one other person you need to interact with unless you are on the tennis court by yourself. Being compelled to interact with others may encourage some people to step beyond their comfort zone. Tennis is a fantastic remedy if you have a tendency to be shy or find it tough to meet new people. You have to interact with others and use your social skills. All of this could have a significant effect on your general health. According to studies, a lack of social interaction increases the chance of developing high blood pressure, obesity, inflammation, and a variety of mental conditions, including anxiety and depression. You benefit from social connection because it improves your outlook on life. You get to stay in touch with other people, establish new acquaintances, and interact with new individuals.

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