At the Miami Open, Carlos Alcaraz defeated by Dimitrov’s skill in tennis

Carlos Alcaraz, the young tennis sensation, faced a tough loss against Grigor Dimitrov at the Miami Open. Despite arriving in top form after winning the Indian Wells trophy, Alcaraz couldn’t secure a win, losing 6-2, 6-4 to Dimitrov.

Alcaraz admitted that Dimitrov played amazingly well, leaving him feeling frustrated and unable to find a way to win. He likened Dimitrov’s skill to making him feel as helpless as a 13-year-old.

Reflecting on his game, Alcaraz felt he played decently but acknowledged the need to adjust his strategy for future matches against Dimitrov.

Ranked world number 12, Dimitrov is set to face Alexander Zverev in the semifinals. He emphasized the importance of staying focused and taking each match as it comes.

While the defeat was disappointing for Alcaraz, he remains optimistic and looks forward to improving his game for future tournaments.

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