The Silent Language of Badminton: Understanding Player Communication on Court

Hey there, sports fans! Ever watched a badminton doubles match and thought, “How do they know what their partner’s about to do?” It’s like they have their own secret code. And guess what? They kind of do! Let’s chat about the cool ways badminton players talk without words and how they trick the other team […]

Badminton Nutrition – What is your Nutrition?

A badminton match can last for an extended period, requiring both high aerobic fitness and high intensity effort. Indoors, the sport is sometimes practised in tournament settings with multiple games per week or even per day. Since game times are not always known in advance, planning your diet is essential. There are numerous nutritional considerations […]

Best home exercise for badminton players

To be physically fit for badminton, you don’t need a gym. As a matter of fact, you may accomplish an excellent workout at home that is comparable¬†with what you would do in a gym. Jump Ropes When arms are used to make circles with the jump rope, the wrist, forearm, triceps, and even the shoulder […]

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