Warmup and Cooldown Exercises you should do for Table Tennis

Every training session and pre-game procedure includes a warm-up, which should improve athletes’ preparedness for performance. Many people have stated that the main goals of warm-ups are to improve free, coordinated movement, increase body temperature, promote muscle and tendon flexibility, and stimulate blood flow to the extremities. Table tennis places heavy demands on the body’s […]

Different Shots and Serves in Table Tennis

There are a few shots that everyone must learn if they want to become a table tennis star in their own right. Even if you don’t intend to put in the years of dedicated practise required to become a world champion, for many of us, winning the title of office or family champion is sufficient. […]

10 Interesting Facts about Table Tennis

Table Tennis, also known as Ping Pong is one of the most popular racket sports around the World. It is a sport in which two or four players can hit a plastic ball back and forth across a table using a table tennis bat. Let me take you across some amazing facts about the sport. […]

Sharath Kamal: The highest-ranked Indian Table Tennis player

Achanta Sharath Kamal is a professional Table Tennis player hailing from Tamil Nadu, India. The veteran is the first Table Tennis player to win the Senior National Championships nine times. He broke the record of the eight times National Champion, Kamlesh Mehta. The Arjuna Award recipient recently received the fourth highest civilian award, the Padma […]

Sharath Kamal wins Oman Open, first Open title after 10 years

This comeback may not be Roger Federer-esque, but Sharath Kamal still has a fight left in him. The paddler, at 37, has won the Oman Open, his first tour title after 10 years in Muscat, Oman. Kamal defeated Marcos Freitas 4-2 in the final to lift the title.    The 37-year-old paddler beat world No. […]

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