Our Vision

To create awareness about racket sports, to make it accessible to all, to promote it's importance for physical & mental fitness.

Our Mission

To build a vast sporting community, inspire & motivate individuals to stay fit, & make a difference.

India's Biggest Racket Sports Community

Rackonnect aims to build a strong community for racket sports players, both professional & non professional by providing them state of the art venues, tech enabled platform, superior quality equipments, & national level tournaments.

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Our Team

John McEnroe once said, "I'll let the racket do the talking." Inspired by these words, I, Dhruv Bagla, the Founder of Rackonnect, have created the wonderApp that will now do the talking!

As a passionate player of racket sports, I always faced the challenge of finding a playing partner at a time that suited both of us. Fueled by the vision of using technology to bring together like-minded individuals for competitive play, I worked diligently and with perseverance to turn my dream into reality – Rackonnect.

Beyond just an app, Rackonnect is a platform that aims to build a vibrant community of racket sports enthusiasts. Let's connect, compete, and conquer together. Join us in creating a community that fosters the joy of playing sports and encourages improvement. Explore the features of Rackonnect and let's build a community that not only plays together but also grows together.

Dhruv M. Bagla

CEO Rackonnect

Our Team


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