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About Us

  • Rackonnect is a unique app that brings together players who play racket sports. Its aim is to build an entire community of players with similar likes, skills and interests.
  • At Rackonnect our goal is to help you find and match with players who are best suited for you, not only location wise but even skill and level wise. We have made it easy for you to find your ideal sparring partner(s).
  • We at Rackonnect believe that we can use racket sports as a platform to create something huge, build tight knit communities and connections that are made to last.
  • Rackonnect is going to be your one stop destination for all racket sports.

Our Story

  • Sports is a great way to connect people. It brings people together and creates long lasting memories. The sports industry is booming now, but yet we found a void in the market, i.e using a platform where everyone and anyone can be a part of this community and feel good about themselves.
  • We realised that there are many sports enthusiasts who want to come together, play regularly and maybe even host tournaments but they do not know where to go and how to find these players. That is where we come in.
  • We are a team of sports driven people who dream about building a racket sports empire and a massive community of like minded people.
  • Helping racket sports players connect with each other and help them be part of a proud community that they once could only dream of, is where we come from.

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