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Badminton Footwork Techniques to Improve Your Court Coverage

As a successful badminton coaching academy, Rackonnect have seen the importance of having strong footwork on the court. Good footwork can be the difference between reaching that difficult shot or losing a point. In this blog, We will be sharing some badminton footwork techniques that can help improve your court coverage and take your game to the next level.

Practice the split step: The split step is the foundation of good footwork in badminton. We always emphasize the importance of practicing the split step regularly. The split step involves jumping up slightly and landing on the balls of your feet, with your legs shoulder-width apart, just as your opponent is about to hit the shuttle. This prepares you to move quickly in any direction as soon as the shuttle is hit.


Focus on quick recovery: After hitting a shot, it is important to recover quickly to your base position. This means moving back to the center of the court and getting ready for the next shot. We always emphasize the importance of staying light on your feet and using small, quick steps to get back into position.


Practice the lunge: The lunge is a crucial footwork technique that allows you to reach shots that are low and close to the net. To perform a lunge, step forward with your dominant foot and bend your knee, keeping your back straight and your non-dominant foot behind you for balance. This allows you to reach the shuttle and return it with power. We always encourage players to practice this technique to improve their accuracy and speed in returning low shots.



Master the side shuffle: The side shuffle is useful for moving quickly laterally across the court. To perform a side shuffle, keep your knees bent and take small steps to move side-to-side. Keep your feet pointing in the direction you’re moving, and maintain a low center of gravity for balance. We often include drills that involve side shuffling to help players improve their court coverage and reaction time.


  1. Practice the cross-step: The cross-step is a useful technique for moving diagonally across the court. To perform a cross-step, step forward with your non-dominant foot, then bring your dominant foot across behind it. This allows you to cover more ground quickly and reach shots that are further away. We always encourage players to practice this technique to improve their court coverage and agility.
  2. Don’t forget the recovery step: The recovery step is a quick, small step that you take after hitting a shot, to get back into position. This step helps you maintain your balance and prepare for the next shot, without wasting too much time or energy. We always remind players to take this step to maintain their position on the court and be ready for the next shot.

In conclusion, these badminton footwork techniques are essential for improving your court coverage and becoming a more agile and efficient player. We encourage players to practice these techniques regularly, and to focus on footwork during training sessions. With dedication and practice, these techniques can be mastered, and players can take their game to the next level.



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