Peter Gade is a retired Danish badminton player. Born 14th December 1976, in Denmark, he was one of the most skillful and deceptive players to have graced the sport. To date, he remains the badminton legend residing in the hearts of every badminton aficionado.


Gade dominated the men’s singles game from 1998 to 2001, winning 22 Grand Prix titles. He had a unique style that came up with a trademark shot (“double-action” of the racket sends the shuttle to the back of the court while aiming to bring the player towards the net). This shot has become legendary within the game.

Gade started playing badminton from 6-7 years old and had a long and successful career. He has set various milestones from the start to the end of his career. In 1999, Gade made his mark by winning the singles title of All England Championships along with five European Championships titles.


The legend represented Denmark in four Olympic Games- 2000, 2004, 2008 & 2012. However, despite being one of the greatest badminton players, he never won a gold in any of the games. He also missed out on a World Championship Gold. His career record is astonishing with 517 wins and 155 losses.


In 2006, he briefly recaptured the World no. 1 spot making a comeback after facing many injuries. However, with his defeat in the quarterfinals of the 2012 French Open, he retired from Badminton. In December 2012, he played in a farewell exhibition match in Copenhagen against the two times Olympic Champion, Lin Dan. The match went in favor of Gade, which marked the end of a truly great career. The crowd celebrated the five-time European Champion with a standing ovation.

For his remarkable achievement in the sport, he was conferred with the Special Award of the DBF 2006 and IBF World Badminton Player of the year 1998. Peter Gade has been a great and professional ambassador to European badminton and is contributing to badminton post his retirement as well.


He is currently the co-founder of Peter Gade Academy in Copenhagen. The academy offers various programs according to the specific needs of each individual athlete.


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