PV Sindhu, a top badminton player from India, is planning to train in Bangalore at Prakash Padukone’s academy as she prepares for the Paris Olympics. She’s going to have her whole support team there, including her physio and trainer. Sindhu’s focus will be on improving her shot selection, adding variety to her game, and making her attacks more accurate.

Sindhu, who has won two Olympic medals and was the world champion in 2019, had some struggles with injuries and form since last year. However, she’s been getting better recently. Right now, she’s taking a break from tournaments to rest her left knee.

Padukone, a famous badminton player and coach, believes he can help Sindhu reach her goals, including winning Olympic gold and the All-England title. He plans to work on her speed, strength, and endurance to help her get back to her aggressive playing style. Padukone thinks that being physically strong also helps players become mentally strong.

Sindhu has been playing more defensively lately, but with Padukone’s help, she’s working on making her game more attacking again. Padukone is advising her on how to set up points better and be more strategic in tournaments.

Sindhu, currently ranked No. 10 in the world, is taking some time off to heal her knee. She’s been following cricket and the World Cup during her break, cheering for her favorite player, Virat Kohli.

Padukone appreciates Sindhu’s willingness to learn and take advice, which he sees as one of her strengths. They’re working on using her skills more effectively and adding variety to her game so it’s not predictable. This process will take time, but they’re making progress.

Sindhu feels rejuvenated with Padukone’s guidance. They discuss strategies and make small changes to her game, which have already made a big difference. Sindhu has improved her world ranking significantly in just six weeks.

Padukone is confident in Sindhu’s ability to improve and believes that with the right training and mindset, she can regain her top form in badminton.

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