Racket For All

As rightly said by the Prime Minister of India, “Khelega India, toh Khilega India”, Rackonnect brings a sports social initiative for all the aspiring players. The will to play cannot be stopped by financial or economical barriers.

Racket for all is a social initiative, which will primarily focus on making racket sports accessible to everyone regardless of their social background. 

We have 3 types of activities for the players and you can also volunteer in order to help them.

  1. Fun events for NGOs and Government schools: Rackonnect will be collaborating with NGOs and government schools in order to give their students exposure as well as give them knowledge about their favorite racket sport. Sports shall be encouraged everywhere and for everyone and through this we would be encouraging everyone to participate and enjoy themselves.
  2. Equipments to the needy: Rackonnect will be providing basic equipments and kits to the players. In kind donations would be appreciated. 
  3. National/International exposure to the top players: At Rackonnect we organize a number of racket sports tournaments for players of all age categories. The motive of this is to help them improve their skills and compete with the outside world. We will be selecting 10 players from each sport, namely badminton, tennis and table tennis. These players will get a chance to participate in our tournaments free of cost. From the pool of 10 players from each sport, we would be selecting the best players who would be sponsored by us to play ranking tournaments.

For further queries you can send us an enquiry.

Interested in getting a Sponsorship, Mail  us at contact@rackonnect.com

Racket For All Events

Har Govind Public School
The Champ Event
Badminton Workshop
Badminton Event
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